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hi there!!
i know i know... i didnt show up for quite a long time... was busy with college and exams
well have a good news... my sister is getting married in march next year!! may god bless the couple!!!
so here are some talented artists!!

Little cat by indioglossiaThe last bullet by indioglossiaIlluminated by bonbonkaThis Morning by yuumeiUnicorn floral by masha88Untitled II by ZombiesmileThe Last Bullet by indioglossiaGolden Storm by BelzarkIn Another World by DDGrafixAnne Bonny by GENZOMANflying orange by masha88A Few New Targets by cim7yCommish: Balance of the World by Belzark

Pipe by szog88first color drawing by ZombieyueCopy of a Copy of a Copy by MthAlves20th Century Boy by BreakfastGreenMy Coolest Boyfriend by ZombieyueAvril lavigne innence by Zombieyueketty perry by ZombieyueHypno cat by szog88Young flower by LORETANAHeadmaster Zefron by acjubAffandi II by FrankGoCrazy by orinoco1973Jensen Ackles by tymolImperial Tigress by MarardaMJ - Fly Little Bird by FrankGoViolet-tailed Sylph by CarcaneloceAnastasia by HedgehogMollyThe-blue-blues by skytteolesleep well by tymolWhite Duckling by ChristopherPollariDavid Lynch by HyperionDreamskingfisher by szog88Kociulo by tymolPlumes by HelenePietWolf by ThubakabraHana by littlestarartistThe Sirens. by mehatheartfreakLucius Malfoy drawing by AStoKoAngelina by PurpleRoseJuliArtwhat makes you smile? by littlestarartistBlind innocence. by BreakfastGreenTender love! by littlestarartistGotham's Reckoning Bane by SSSTEPYou-aint-nothing-but-a-hound-dog by skytteoleI predict a riot by glasgowautorockMissCandy08 by DaveLukasOscar by pamslaats24 by DaveLukasJenny Poussin by DaveLukasClear beauty by szog88

Green leave with drops 1 by AStoKoHulne Park Autumn by newcastlemaleWastwater by newcastlemaleFireball by AStoKoAlbino by NateKaranlitlonging to see by littlestarartistGolden Beauty by RobertRobledoBurning Bridges by NateKaranlitSubtle 131 by Deb-e-annBulimiarexia by NateKaranlitUp by NateKaranlitLet's put the past behind by AHenriquesMystic by NateKaranlitFeathers by NateKaranlitFarewell To Autumn by NateKaranlitAutumn Paintings by NateKaranlitMystic by NateKaranlitDevils reef by tasiarayetogether ... by aoao2

Mario Mushroom by Puppylover5Baby Mario by Puppylover5Perler Beads- Luvdisc by Puppylover5Perler Beads- 3-D dice cube by Puppylover53-D Rubriks Cube by Puppylover5OoT: Big Skulltula by EscaronShiva Moon by EscaronOrion by Escaron3d Origami Lotus by OrigamiPiecesTwilit Arachnid by EscaronPerler Beads- Minecraft Watermelon by Puppylover5The Spider Queen by Escaron100th Deviation!!! by Puppylover5dA points by Puppylover5RE3 - Nemesis: Giant Spider by Escaron

I am aloneMy feelings I threw into a box, too big for me.
So I created a mask, made of all the tears I've shed.
I know I know  how cliche that sounds.
You asked, you asked “Are you ok?”
But you didn't want an answer.
Instead you wanted to be smiled at, and say in a plastic voice “I’m fine, you?”
Because you wanted to talk about yourself.
The feelings you had were apparently superior to mine.
Apparently I am just here as a blank slot.
To be played and then left because I ‘gave nothing’.
The time limit for you to care lasts a minute, and then you’re off.
“This ‘you’ isn't the person that we want to deal with.”
“Be happy, or we’ll stop being around you.”
“I've always been there for you!”
“Stop being so depressing.”
“Stop crying.”
Second Letter To A Syrian RebelSyrian rebel, fighter
For the ouster of Assad,
Yes, war can strain the soul,
But how could you let your goal
And your heart be corrupted
By your lust for victory?
Acts of cannibalism
Filmed and posted on the web
To intimidate your foes;
Yes, war strips you of yourself,
But humanity's last shred
Is something worth protecting
You would gladly accept aide
From the U.S., yet you fight
Beside al-Qaeda members.
Regarding grim history
How can a trust be formed
From such a contradiction?
Of course, an American
Who has never known combat
Cannot fully understand
What this war has done to you.
When its final days have come,
Would hope still dwell within your heart?
What You Left Me WithYou tell me you love me
Day after day
The moment you reached for my hand
I put all the pieces together
And realized that
You were the one for me
But frankly
I was terribly mistaken
You left me for one 
Whose looks ensnared you 
Like everyone else
I was standing there, 
Left in the dust
Watching as my whole world
Left me
But personally, 
I would rather have 
The pain of a bullet 
To my broken soul
Then the pain that you 
Left me with
Second Letter To A Killer WhaleOrca, my dear companion
The sunlight shines on my skin
But darkness still surrounds me
Each dreadful moment I spend
In this suburban landscape
Is drowning me in shadow
Suffocating in sorrow
With so very few journeys
Into wilderness of late
Have I forgotten the sound
Of tides pounding the shore
And the taste of salty air?
Killer Whale, I am sinking,
Drowning in my own anguish
Miles away from the ocean
Miles away from elegance
What a tragedy it is
To be drowning on dry land
Will you serenade my soul
And remind me of the depths
Of all the marine wildlife
That have occupied the seas
For millions of years before
Mankind tasted his first breath?
How does the cool water feel
Upon your black and white skin?
How does the sea salt affect
The taste of your sustenance?
How far into the abyss
Have you descended with kin?
Orca, wildest companion,
Remind me of the ocean
I am thirsty for new life
And I strain to hear your voice
Expecting God's poetry
To ebb and flow through your words
A Standing CorpseUnder the seething heat of the sun
A juniper stands on a dry hill
Like so many surrounding him
He was burned to death by a wildfire
His twisted branches are smoky white
Still reaching out for all the heavens
In botanical rigor mortis
Commemorating desperation
He is a skeleton of a tree
A standing corpse in desert sunlight
Never to drink another raindrop
As dry as the earth that hold his roots
I step closer to this juniper
Small clouds of dust kicked up by my feet
I gently touch his bark and wonder
How long until his form break apart
Goth (Dinidanuwi, Enemy)Thaur, Enemy of all Good Folk, you stir up your Orcs and corrupt creatures that serve you against me and try to scare me.
Your malice inflames those who follow you, but I fear not.
I don't give up and I don't give in or let your evil lead me astray no matter how hard your raugrim try to crush me.
My bright flame of courage stands to challenge your darkness.
It is you who are afraid.
When I look at you I can see your fear of me.
It is you who must look over your shoulder at every turn.
It is you who must mimic my every movement in a desperate attempt to try to block me as I stand in your path.
Your countenance of darkness does not scare me nor does the civil countenance you put on deceive me.
Your fierce jealousy and desire to dominate excludes you from the numbers of the Great Ones and your ability to imagine and create has been reduced to deception, distortion, and imitation and so your jealousy of the Fair Folk and covetousness of all they possess grows all the more.
You and your fou
My loveThe way I love you can't be explained
with words,because I love you so much
more then words could say.You sit beside
me like a queen,but to be honest this is
your kingdom and I'm your kin.I would fight
endless wars if it meant seeing you again.
There will be most times that I'd think that
I've lost you, but closing my eyes will remind
me of my love, my life and my song that is my
MirrorSometimes she does it. Take a glance at someone familiar. See the lines and scars in her face. The dark marks beneath her eyes. The hesitant smile that makes her look like a little girl. Protective of herself.
(Everything she would like to change.)
She bites her lip to look innocent. To look like she's someone else. Trying to seem like she's good. The glued on smile isn't hard to find anymore. She knows how to be. How to pretend.
(Dangerous words, locked away.)
Her small ears hidden behind the dark hair. The accesories she uses to hide herself, hide the things she believe in. Try to hide her invisible flaws, though nobody would see them. Afraid to be alone, terrified to be watched.
(Obsessive noise, silence forever lost.)
Her eyes stare back into mine, always on their guard. Afraid of seeing to much, afraid to miss something. Trying not to make contact, afraid of being laughed at. I discover a glimpse of the truth, not wanting to see more.
(Invisible tears, unnoticed.)
She turn away, u
BBXRae with the help of RobinBeast Boy and Raven were dating for a year, he had even moved into her room. They started fighting when Beast Boy was hurt in a fight with two-face when he jumped in front of Raven to try and save her when two-face tried to shoot her. She told him that he was an idiot and that she could have just used her powers to stop the bullets mid-shot. He went straight to the med-bay. She was so worried about him. He went into a coma for two whole weeks. She didn't leave his side for even a minute. When he woke up she was so happy.  A couple of weeks later they started to discuss what had happened. They started fighting about it for weeks and eventually decided to break up. While comforting Raven, her best friend robin and she were hugging. When they broke the hug, she looked up and he was looking down at her. They were looking into each other's eyes. He said "you know, you don't have to be lonely for very long if you don't want to be". Raven leaned up and Robin leaned down, they were s A Game Called LifeAll these questions,
No answers.
All these screams,
No echos.
All these messages,
No replies.
All these S.O.S,
No help.
All these tears,
No mercy.
All these death,
No crimes.
All these lies,
No truth.
All these fights,
No winners.
All these nights,
No light.
THE ONLY HOPE NOWOnce There Was Love; Once There Was Joy
Emotions Now Shattered Like An Old Broken Toy
Confused And Dazed, Wondering Why
Soul In A Turmoil Just Wishing To Die
The Brightest Day Now Shadows Of Night
Infecting The Heart So It Sees No Light
Thoughts Entombed By What's Been Said
A Loved One Lost At Twilights Ebb
Guided By One Whose Words They Believe
Not Seeing The Venom That Flowed To Deceive
The Only Hope Now Is To Pray To The Light
To Guide Them Back To All That Is Right.
FOLLOW THE CHILDNatures Tears Splash To The Earth
To Flowers And Trees They Offer Birth
Soil Caress The Warmth Of The Sun
Life's Mysteries Which Gaia Has Won
Creation Stirs Behind The Veil Of Time
Bringing Forth A New Era That Of Mankind
Though But An Ember In Natures Fires
None Has Such Strange Whims And Desires
The Candle Flickers, The Flame Dies
The Innocent Child Softly Sighs
Knowing No Shadows In Life's Light
Free From The Darkness Of Human Plight
Delicate In Thought Like Threads Of Silk
Weaved And Adorned With Gaia's Milk
Purity Of Spirit Is What Was Meant To Be
And Such A Child Shall Live For Eternity
love is hurtingThe beautiful days we held so close, I once said to 'hello' to you.
Our meeting was brief, and simple.
Caring, and kind.
We left with helpless hearts.
Neither regretting, nor forgetting.
Our meeting place, once helped me smile.
Overcoming each day.
I still wish for the past,
with crying into my hands, at last.
Letting lose the tears,
I know I shouldn't fear.
You tell me "You'll move on".
But the glass still digs into my skin, and prickles each time I see you.
Wandering like I'm not here.
I touch my lips, and hope for yours to return.
The tears keep streaming, never forgetting.

Would feature more later...
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